Group Overview

            Chinayong Investment Group, short for Chinayong Group, is a large comprehensive investment enterprise.
            The Company has a wide range of investment around the whole world, including financial investment and services, comprehensive development and utilization of energy, high technology, industrial production, real estate development, farming and breeding, mineral resources development, import and export trade, cultural media operation, tourism resources development and other fields.

            Group Profile

            Chinayong Investment Group, short for Chinayong Group, is a large comprehensive investment enterprise. At present, the total number of employees is about 12,000, covering 15 provinces and cities in China and 12 countries abroad. The Group has a wide range of investment fields, covering financial investment and services, comprehensive development and utilization of energy, high-tech, production of industrial products, development of real estate, planting and breeding of farming and animal husbandry, development of mineral resources, import and export trade, operation of cultural media, development of tourism resources and many other fields.
            The group is the vice chairman unit of Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation (CPSSC), China Association for Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation, and China -Europe Association for Technical & Economic Cooperation, as well as the platinum member unit of Boao Forum for Asia also and the one of top 100 import and exports enterprises recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
            Many subsidiaries of the Group have been successfully listed on the securities market at home and abroad.

            Chinayong Group has businesses all over the world

            Has become an outstanding representative of Chinese enterprises implementing the Belt and Road initiative
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            Profile of the Chairman Chairman's speech

            Mr. Li YongBoard Chairman of ChinaYong Investment Group

            Doctor of Economic, Academician of World Academy of Productivity Sciences, 

            Chairman and initiator of the Diplomatic Economic Forum

            Vice Chairman of the World Chinese Entrepreneur Association 

            Vice President of the Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation

            Vice Governor of the China Association for Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation

            Vice Governor of the China-Europe Association for Technical & Economic Cooperation

            Vice President of the Chinese Association of Human Resource Development

            Vice Governor of the Council of National Academy of Economic Security

            Vice Governor of the China Enterprise Investment and Financing Alliance

            Exclusive President of Chinese Entrepreneur Commerce Club

            Member of Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

            A thousand mile trip begins with one step. Since the beginning of the new millennium, Chinayong Group has risen with the rapid development of China's economy. After nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts, Chinayong has developed into a powerful comprehensive investment group, which has written a magnificent chapter full of struggles and achievements!


            As Chinese ancient poem saying goes, the reason why the canal is so clear is that there is a source of fresh water. As an investment group, we are able to be against all odds to ride the crest of waves and sail thousands of miles in the market ocean tide full of risks, relying on flexible and resourceful business strategy, energetic cultural accumulation and scientific management that keeps pace with the times. We are always committed to providing customers with the best solutions, creating a platform for employees to realize their own value, and making effective contributions to the society, which has won wide recognition and strong support from all walks of life. To this day, we have achieved a great career and are ready to launch with the great potential!


            The east wind is mighty and full of spring air, and the ten thousand mile journey is urgent. The strategic planning goal of Chinayong Group has been established. Based on the dual drive strategy of finance and entity, it has incubated a group of outstanding listed companies by taking advantage of channels and resources, deeply cultivated new energy, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. We have focused on the leading enterprises in the subdivided industries, laid out the potential development regions in the country, and built investment target enterprises with efficient operation, strong profitability, excellent assets and famous brands. We will provide the cooperative enterprises with one-stop comprehensive investment services including marketing sells, enterprise management, and the market value maintenance after going public, and other aspects as well to become the most trusted investment partner. This is our positive outlook for the next twenty brilliant years. Chinayong will stand up to the tide, stride forward in the journey of creating new achievements, and become a respected centennial old enterprise! At the same time, we should also be well aware that the market competition in the future will be more intense and fiercer. And now we are in the midst of this market ocean and we will go against the current as a ship that might go back once stopped advancing. We can only reach the other side of victory by being united, forging ahead, and constantly surpassing ourselves!


            The new great journey has begun, and the horn of striding forward has sounded! All Chinayong people will work together to lift their spirits, work together, and strive to achieve the grand goal of the next twenty brilliant years!

            Board Chairman of ChinaYong Investment Group:
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            Leadership Care International Friends

            Company Culture


            Corporate Culture
            Corporate culture is the soul and core competitiveness of an enterprise, and is the cornerstone of an enterprise's everlasting foundation. Establishing an excellent corporate culture is the internal requirement for an enterprise to fulfill its mission, as well as the objective need for its steady and sustainable development. Chinayong attaches vice importance to the shaping and development of corporate culture. With the goal of building an international first-class professional investment company, we take the real business serving the country as our own responsibilities, and take value discovery, value realization, and value promotion as our investment philosophy. Meanwhile, we practice the corporate core values of "country, honor, virtue, and innovation", and keep forging ahead to implement the diversified and international development strategy of the Group!


            Corporate Core Values



            First there is a nation, then there is a home. Enterprise are the homeland of workers. The nation is the strong supporting shield for the survival and development of enterprises. Only when the country is stable, prosperous and strong, can enterprises be confident in seeking development; Enterprise should also stress family and national feelings and make the world work for the public, so that they can possess the cohesion and become a centennial old enterprise; Enterprises should also stress politics and be always possessive of the political consciousness of the overall situation of the country.



            Honor is above everything and higher than anything, and we are proud of our nation and our enterprise. Consciously safeguard national honor, and serve the country with industrialization and technology; Consciously maintain the honor of the enterprise and add luster to the honor of the enterprise; Fight for honor and actively integrate yourself into the enterprise team.

            Virtue Carrier

            Virtue Carrier

            Business carries virtue, governs enterprises with virtue, and goes further with more virtues. When an enterprise stresses morality, it means it is on the basis of honesty and pursues mutual benefits and win-win results; When managers are ethical, they set an example and play a leading role; To be ethical is to be diligent, disciplined, down-to-earth and upright.



            Innovation is the fundamentals for the survival of enterprises. Enterprises need to innovate. Without innovation, enterprises will lose the power of development; Managers need to be innovative. Only by tapping into their own new ideas, new initiatives and new creations, can they formulate a practical corporate development strategy; Employees also need to be innovative, which can stimulate their potentials and create greater value in their work.
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            Company mission
            to be professional and enterprising, to strive for perfection, and to contribute to the overall rise of China's economy!


            Company vision
            to become an international first-class investment enterprise with high reputation in the industry.

            Group Honor

            • Special contribution enterprise to China's economic construction
            • Top 500 China Brand Enterprises
            • National advanced productivity model enterprise award
            • The most growing enterprise
            • Helping inspection and education
            • Most socially responsible living Award


            Group Honor

            • Special contribution enterprise to China's economic construction

            • Top 500 China Brand Enterprises

            • National advanced productivity model enterprise award

            • The most growing enterprise

            • Helping inspection and education

            • Most socially responsible living Award

            • Honorary Credential

            • Return on investment hometown Award

            • Charitable Donation to "LONGSHANG Mother Health Express"

            • Member unit of Beijing Charity and Volunteer Federation


            • 國家開發銀行
            • 中國進出口銀行
            • 中國銀行
            • 中國農業銀行
            • 招商銀行
            • 中國投資有限責任公司
            • UBS
            • HSBC
            • standard chartered
            • TEMASEK
            • 中信證券
            • 國金證券
            • 招商證券
            • 東風汽車
            • 中國建筑
            • 中國航天
            • 中國國際航空公司
            • 國投
            • 國家電網
            • 中國南方電網
            • 中國長江三峽集團公司
            • 中國電建
            • 中國能建
            • 中國華能
            • 五糧液

            Leadership Care

            International Friends

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