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            Business Area

            • Finance and securities are one of the current priority areas for Huayong Investment Group.  At present, the Group shares in a number of local commercial banks, securities companies, trust companies, insurance companies and futures companies. At the same time, the company has also established a number of influential private equity funds, including PE funds, equity funds, sector funds and venture capital funds.
            • The Group increases investment in manufacturing industry year by year. Through mergers and acquisitions, equity participation, etc., an investment pattern centered on power equipment, industrial buildings, innovative technology manufacturing, artificial intelligence, 5G communication and biopharmaceutical has been formed.
            • In the field of new energy, Huayong Group actively adapts to the national energy strategy and vigorously develops new energy industries such as wind power, photovoltaic and energy storage. As a new force in the industry, the Group insists on making progress while maintaining stability, continues to increase investment in wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage and other new energy fields, expand the operation scale of new energy power generation business, achieve the goal of steady development, and contribute to the "3060" dual-carbon strategic goal.
            • Scientific and technological innovation is the first driving force of economic development and the key factor to promote economic and social development. As a professional investment institution, Huayong group gives full play to the advantages of financial capital to provide financial guarantee for the early-stage R&D of high-tech enterprises and the marketization of relevant R&D achievements.
            • Real estate used to be an important investment area of Huayong. From Harbin to Sanya, from high-end residential buildings to commercial complexes, it has been deeply cultivated, and once ranked among the top 50 real estate comprehensive strength of the Ministry of Construction. After the state issued the policies of “Houses are for living in and not for speculative investment” and “Tranform the economy from substantial to fictitious”, the Group actively responded and shifted its investment focus to high-end manufacturing, high-tech fields. At present, the Group mainly focuses on urban renewal, revitalization of non-performing assets and special opportunities in the real estate sector. 
            • The Group attaches great importance to the reserve and development of mining resources, always follows the national policies and regulations on mining resources, and always attaches importance to environmental protection. At present, the Group reserves lead-zinc mines, coal mines, molybdenum mines, quartz mines, gold mines, graphite mines, granite mines, marble mines, phosphate mines and lead-silver mines in many places throughout the country. 
            • Relying on various resources, under the background of the great revival of Chinese culture, the Group makes a magnificent planning in fields such as public relations planning, media, education, film and television, and strives to create new profit accreting plates. The “Diplomats Economic Forum” established by the Group under support of relevant ministries and commissions has become an important platform for Chinese enterprises to go out; the Fortune Circles, Investment & Cooperation and other magazines invested by the Group have become high-end business magazines; the television shopping channel invested by the Group has launched successfully and achieved good results. In addition, the Group has also insisted on investing in education, and will further increase the investment. 
            • In terms of international business, ChinaYong Group is one of the earliest large private enterprises to develop abroad. The Group has a wide distribution in Europe, America, Africa, East Asia and other regions, always adheres to the national policy on going out and “the Belt and Road”, forges ahead with determination, develops bravely, and achieves good investment performance. 
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            Chinayong Group

            Chinayong Investment Group, short for Chinayong Group, is a large comprehensive investment enterprise.
            The Company has a wide range of investment around the whole world, including financial investment and services, comprehensive development and utilization of energy, high technology, industrial production, real estate development, farming and breeding, mineral resources development, import and export trade, cultural media operation, tourism resources development and other fields.
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